Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ideas for the title sequence

For our title sequence, after watching some of the title sequences, we decided to go with animation. We all quite liked having fancy text with swirly lines and patterns going around it, but we wernt to sure about what the story was going to be about or what genre it was going to be. So we sat down and discussed it and came to a decision that we would go for a childrens film. Like this we could have done any storyline whereas if we made it in to another genre we would have had to consider alot more things to link with the animation, and doing animation is already alot to think about. We thought we could recontruct a fairytale such as 'The Little red Riding Hood, Three Blind Mice' or a childrens programme such as, 'Phineas and Ferb or Hannah Montana'. Some of these are very common and have already been used in films like 'Shrek'. But then we came up with the idea of using childrens books which are not so common or well known. Thinking of this, Hannah thought of a book that she use to read when she was little called 'Laura's Star'. This book is a story about a little girl who captures a fallen star. She mends its breaking point and begins a new friendship with this star. Some time after, ths star starts fading and she realises that it must return back to the sky. So we thought this story would be realy good to work on becuase its not a realy common book and the 'star' would have been interesting to animate.

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