Friday, 3 April 2009

Editing...for the last time!!!

Today we went back and watched the film and edited the footage and all the other edits that had not been cut out yet. There were parts in the animation where we had to make the images carry out for longer and and places where we had to add more pictures and remove others. Obviously as Ian composed the wonderful music, we had to add his name in the titles at some point. We decided to do this on the star on the floor when it cracks. The name and picture weas done but when it came to adding this on to the Mac's, each image kept on jumping and began zooming in and out. We went back and tried saving these on different memory sticks and tried saving it under a different format such as JPEG but when we went back to add these, they still didnt work. So we decided to delete these and add his name at the end by doing it on the Mac as we knew it would definately work. Once we had sorted this out, we went back once again and checked for any mistakes or any new changes that could have been made to the animation. We found a few sound effects that had to be moved around but that was it. So thankfuly, we saved the animation and moved on to perfecting the music.

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