Friday, 3 April 2009

Perfecting the music.

After the editing we spent some time gtting the music right. Before we got this peice of music we had added in sound effects from the Mac to give it some sort of sound and excitement to it! These sounds were added when it changes from day to night and the bird is flying across the sky. We had added these whistling sound sof birds singing. Another part was when layla is in her room crying. We got a splash effect so when her tear hit the floor it would create a 'splash' sound. This worked very well even though it didnt sound very realistic. Normal tears are never that load when they drop on the floor but Laylas tear was special and extra load. We kept this in anyway but when we added the music we were not sure whether it would still sound the same or not. Anyway, we added the soundtrack and watched the film to see what it looked like and how much difference it made to the animation. It worked WONDERFULY!!!! And the sound effects made it sound even more dramatic. We just had to make it sound rigth by fading it out at the end when it finishes.

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