Thursday, 8 January 2009

Scene 1- Layla's star

This is our first scene for our animation film. In this part it shows the title. It starts off on the night sky with all the stars out. It carries on going up and starts to zoom in to the sky. As it goes up the main big star starts to show slowly. Eventualy the title starts to fade in slong the side.

We still have to do the very begining yet as we need to make a small model of a room. From that small room we are going to zoom in and show the window, out in to the sky and from there it will show this scene where it will change to animation.

Unfortunatley we are not going to use a real girl at the begining as it is going to be to much. It will also be alot safer to stick with animation because if we use a little child, it might make it look abit un-natural. Like this we can use any room and setting because we don have to worry about making the model room and the animation look identical to the real room we use.

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