Thursday, 8 January 2009

Getting ready for the animation

Next week we have got a whole day to start working with our images and developing them on photoshop to create our animetion. Out of our group I will be doing the drawings but also with help from Hannah and Becky. Before next week we will also have to make our model room which we are going to be using as part of the animation as the opening. We will make this room out of a small box (most probably a shoe box) and we will make it look like Becky's bedroom window as she is going to be taking the picture in her bedroom. Once this model is made we can start filming it so we can add it to the beginging of the title sequence. We are also going to have to start our drawing pretty quick so they are ready for us to use on Thursday. We need to have atleast the main character and the firts scene drawn out so we can work on that.

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