Thursday, 29 January 2009

Improving the animation

In todays lesson we were just sorting out the last few things on our animation but then we were told that the font that we used in our animation, didnt realy work with the kind of animation we were doing. The animation is very girly and pink and the font that we used for the names was 'arial bold, black'. This meant that we had to go bak to all the images that had letters on them form the animation and change it to a slightly different font. We ened up changing it to 'curlz MT'. We also used different colour font such as bright blues, yelows and purples. Just by changing this the sequence started looking alot better. I just have one more scene to do which i couldnt get done today. This was the scene in Layla's room, infront of window and the radiator. I decided to change it slighty to a plain orange background. On this I pasted the star which was made bigger. With the star I am going to make it move across thh page and swirl around and let the names slowly apear on it. After this all we have to work on is the music.

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