Monday, 2 March 2009

Target audience

Our title sequence is a young, dreamy animation. The colours are very girly; pink, purple and other soft colours, the typography used is also very dreamy and something that will atrract young children and most probably girls aged 9-13. The story line was taken from a childrens book called laylas star which i would think to be targeted at ages 4-8. If this was a real film i think it would be eaual to films such as cinderella, snowhite and things like hannah montanna, only if that was animated too. This animation would be atrractive to small girls who are in primary school. I think it would start off around the years of reception when little girls have a very fairytail like imagination and also have there imaginary friends. I think this because the story is fairly realistic in its own way. If instead of the star it was a normal everyday object the film would be perfect for both sex's. I think this star means more to small girls than boys. Young girls see these in other girly films and books and fall in to a different world and have a different imagination.

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