Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Crit!!!

In mondays lesson I was a bit late so unfortunately I missed showing our film to the class. As i heard from Hannah and Rebacca, our film didnt look too good on big screen. There were alot of changes that we need to make andalot of thinsg to add.

Firts of all we need to go back and add some more pictures to our animation for every scene. As I've said before the I dont think the animation flows too well. There are alot of scenes where the film just jumps and its doesnt look very professional even though I know this is our first go at animation. In some parts, I dont think the story that we are trying to tell is clear enough. But this can be imprved by adding mor pictures. I know we only have three weeks but if we try out hardest we will be able to get all the extra pictures that we went in to it and make it up a to a much better animation. Parts like when Layla cries could do with a few more pictures.

Another problem that needs to be sorted out is the music. Like I mentioned before that last week we did try to look for music but we coudnt get the right kind of track we are looking for. We only have some sounds effects in the film whihc we probably will still keep once we get the music done. These sound alright but they sound a bit random because theres no other sounds in it, and then suddenly theres a tiny bit of sounds. During the nect three weeks this is a very important thing to do because once we have got music for it, the film will make so much more sense.

The other thing that we will have to do is hold the titles for a bit longer. Im not sure if we will be able to reduce the speed of only some omages and keep the rest normal or iff we will have to slow everything down. If we cant hold certain images for longer on the mac, we will have to add that same picture a few more times so it keeps the titles on for longer. If none of this works (which i doubt) then we wil have to leave this the way it is and try and make the other parts extra good!!!!! Something else we were told to do was make a small footage (about 30 secs) to add at the begining of the film. This was our original idea and we did actualy film the footage but there were a few problems with it. One of them was teh lighting. It wa staken in Beckies room but it was filmed at night so the lighting was quite bad and very low. We decided not to put this in to our film. If we do this again we will have to look for a girl who is around the age of Layla which is 6 and also think deeper about the lighting, time, and location of the shooting. These are basically all the thigns that we willl be working on, over the next three weeks. Hopefuly we will have them all sorted and the animation will be worth watching.

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