Thursday, 19 March 2009

Improving Improving Improving

We are in the middle of improving and adding things to our unfinished, first animated film. We were thinking of adding more pictures in to the film but we're still not entirely sure if we are going to do this because there are other things that are slighty imprtant than this. Such as finding the right music to go with the animation and also filming a very small footage (30 secs) to go at the beggining of the animation. This would help make the sequence alot more sense and add a sense of realism in to it. The music is stil another big issue which we need to sort out. We have to find someonewho can make a peice of music for us very quickly. We can show them the film and once they've seen it for themselves, I'm sure they will be able to compose the perfect music for our animated film production.

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