Monday, 23 March 2009

The new footage of our film!

On Friday the footage was shot at hannahs cousins house as we used her cousin for our film. All the footage had come out better than the first time we shot it as the lighting was better and brighter and the actual act was good too. Unfortunalety, me n becky tried to upload it today but it wouldnt work. The Mac wouldnt let us upload the footage and plus the film was very pixelised and most of the recording had disapeared. Only a small part at the end was left. Even that was getting very fuzzy and cutting. I think the tape that we used was very old and dodgy. There was a lot of things already on it which may have been the cause of this. This means that we will have to go and film the same footage again on to a new tape. But this will have to be done very quickly as we are running out of time. Dealines around the corner.....we need to get it done!!!!!!

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