Monday, 9 March 2009

last things...

In Thursdays lessons we went through our title seqeunce. First we couldnt find it but thanks to Gerry he found it for us and we checked right the way through it to see if everything made sense and was stil the way we left it. Everything was fine so we started looking for music. We were searching on the itunes on the mac but coudlnt fin anything. So, Ellis told us a website where you can download free music which are not copyrighted. so we went to this website and search for music. We could type in any words that we wanted and music that went with that word was shown to us. Eg we type in twinke and soft music was shown to us which consisted of intrumenst like saxophones and tangerines. We looked for ages but still coudnt find anything so i Geuss we'll have to leave it without music. This is bit of shame because the animation would look alot better with music and sound effects because it would make it easier to understand the story.

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